Tuesday, February 1, 2011

2011 Stylish Blogger Award

Oh WOW! Oh WOW! Boy am I in shock. Kathryn at Creations With Kathryn has given me the "2011 Stylish Blogger Award". I can't believe it. I have only been doing this for a little over a month. I am honored. Thank you so much Kathryn!
Upon receiving this award I must:
1) thank the person who gave this award to me and link it back to their blog
2) share 8 things about myself
3) pass this award to 8 other individuals that I have recently discovered
4) leave a comment so that they can pass along the recognition!

Ok, 8 things about myself...
1.  I attended 4 colleges in 4 years and it only took me 4 years to graduate.
2.  I love to sing - even sang professionally 10 years ago, but will NOT karaoke.
3. I am not an  outdoor person, but I love to go camping, boating, and jet skiing.
4.  Growing up in Blackwell, Oklahoma I would watch "Uncle Bill and Woody Read the Sunday Comics" every Sunday morning before church on TV (produced in Wichita, Kansas).  On August 11th, 2001, Uncle Bill (Reverand William Boyle) married my husband and I.
5.  I HAD  to get married on August 11th - even planned my whole wedding in less than 3 months.
6.  The reason I had to get married on August 11th was because my parents were married on June 11th and my sister and brother-in-law were married on July 11th.
7.  I have never been to Las Vegas. I would love to go sometime.
8.  My cousin Michelle Hurd (The Glades, E.R., Law and Order, etc) is married to Garret Dillahunt (Raising Hope, The Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles, Burn Notice, etc).  

Now for the hard part, choosing 8 blogs to pass this award onto. There are several that deserve this, but I can only pick 8. My picks for the "2011 Stylish Blogger Award" are...
1.  Carley - The Real iCarley
2.  Linda - The Paper Boutique
4.  Becka - Creations With Becka
5.  Cindy - In Love With Paper
6.  Mary - MareBear Scraps
7.  The Queen  - The Scrapbooking Queen
8.  Pam - Simply Pam


Nisson Family said...

Thanks so much! That is really sweet of you to include me in this list. I really appreciate it! :) I've enjoyed looking through your projects on your blog. I love that you are just not a paper crafter, that you enjoy doing other projects as well.

Thanks again!

PinkBlingCrafter said...

Congratulations on you stylish blog award!!! WOW!! that is super cool how you planned your wedding to be on the 11th like your parent and sis really awesome!!!

Cindy said...

Oh my goodness! I'm so stunned! Thank you sooo much! I, too have only been blogging for a little over a month now. So unexpected!

Thanks again!
in love with paper.blogspot

Amy said...

Congrats!! Good for you!

Mary said...

Thank you so much for adding me to your list of Stylish Blogs. It was a nice little surprise. Thanks!

scrapperbecka said...

Thank you so much for adding me to the list. That is so awesome and a great surprise. TFS

scrapperbecka said...

So am I supposed to do the whole 8 thing or how does this work?

Carley said...

Aww thank you Denise I am so pumped you are so sweet!