Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Man Has It Been A Long Time!

Wow, I know it has been a while since I have been here. A lot has happened since my last post. I got a job as a church secretary. I like it, but would really like back in a classroom.  My niece Holly tore her ACL in the first basketball game of the year last year and was out all season. I still went to the games. We made it to State last year for the first time ever in school history for girl's basketball. My folks moved from Blackwell to Tonkawa. We moved from Blackwell to Tonkawa. And so much more.

It has taken some time to get back in the swing of things. I have finally started crafting again. I have a nice big craftroom. I more storage than I have stuff right now. We are gonna have to do something about that! :)

The first thing I made is some thank you cards. I don't have many stamps. I don't have good markers. I really haven't made many before. I even had to look up online how to sandwich my Cuttle Bug folders. 

Well, these are my cards. I used my polka dot cuttle bug folder. The stamp is one i got at Michael's in the $1.00 bin. I used my I*Rock to add some bling. I don't have any special markers. They are just something cheap that I picked up Michael's. I would really like to get some ProMarkers or Copic Markers but that will be for when ever I can afford some or if I get lucky and win some. The sentiment is from some stamps I picked up at Hobby Lobby. I inked around the sentimnent with Quick Quotes Powder Puff Chalking Ink in Pink Cheeks and Green with Envy.

Well, I said the first thing I did was make cards, but I guess that was a lie. The first thing I did, with the help of my husband, was build a work table. 
I absolutely LOVE IT!!!!!! The area underneath makes a good playhouse for my niece. 
Uncle Vince is laying under the table watching TV while Henley is having a tea party.

The sewing machine cabinet is all the workspace I had at my old house for crafting. I am in hog heaven right now. 
The rolling carts under the table that holds my machines the 2 bookcases at the far end, and the paper tower is all the storage I had at the old place.
This is the built in storage in the new place. 
Just more work/storage area.

Needless to say, I am loving my new space. Hopefully I will be posting tons of creative things in the near future. Wouldn't it be nice if an organized friend of mine could come help me organize?

Until next time ~ VinDeeLoo


skideewink said...

That is a serious craft room woman! If I ever get up that way we will have to have a GNO and stay in and make cards, my all time favorite.

VinDeeLoo said...

Yes, you must come back this way! It has been way to long since we have gotten together. I guess one benefit of not being able to have children is I get the play room.