Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Need Some Photography Advice/Help

As promised, here are the things I have been working on. I still have some of the necklaces to finish and I am not posting my future Blog Hop items. I am not real happy with my photographs. I took these in a room with natural light. I use a tripod for my camera. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I got this Magnet Board idea from Carrie at greenbean's crafterole. The flowers were all over the net, I just added the magnets.

I am not sure where I got the idea of the picture frame notepad. I saw it online back in Novemeber, but have no idea where. Sorry I could not give someone credit.

The following are the magnets I am making. Some are made of buttons and some are bottle caps.

These are Bottle Cap necklaces we are making. They are being put on bails. We decided not to make the chokers. The can be monogrammed with a letter or like the BFF. They can also have gems like the magnets. I guess the pictures of the ones with gems did not turn out.

Finally, we have the Button Necklaces. We have 2 sizes.

Like I said, mom and I have decided against doing chokers. We have the organza necklaces, like on the button necklaces and then we have added the rubber necklaces, like on the bottle caps. People will be able to chose the type of necklace they would like. We are gonna have the chokers we purchased at the craft show. They make good headbands. 

If anyone has any suggestions to make my photographs better, please let me know.

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