Saturday, March 5, 2011

Not a Good Basketball Day Yesterday :(

Well, we lost. :( My heart breaks for the girls. We only lost to 3 different teams all year. We are a young team, better luck next year. Holly Jane, we are soooo proud of you!! Now, I am ready for some pole-vaulting! Let's break 10 ft this year!

4th Place as a Freshman - Youngest girl on the podium.

Love the form!

Boys didn't do so hot yesterday either. Lost by 1 point. I wasn't pleased with coaching at either game. Also, the reffing in the evening games was horrible. I really try not to be like that. I am married to a soccer AND basketball official but come on, TAKE CONTROL OF THE GAME!!!! It looked like we were at a football game. No, I am not saying this because we lost. We were there for a game that had nothing to do with us and it was officiated the same way. Well, we still have a chance for State. Got to win tonight. 

Even though the girls lost, they were still there supporting the boys. They all made a shirt with a boys name and number on them. Here is my niece and her BFF. They are just too stinking cute. I love both girls to death.

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WAM Family said...

Sorry for the lose on both games, but as my mother says,"loosing builds character and patients". As for the coaching and referies, I have been to many games that I have felt the same way. It is best to vent it and then you can not go to the next game with a sour taste in your mouth.

Thanks so much for the comment on my blog. I really do appreciate all of them.