Friday, March 4, 2011


This is just been a whirlwind week. We laid my mother-in-law to rest Wednesday. It was a very emotional day. She asked me (for the first time) at my bridal shower to sing at her funeral. I told her I would. I kept that promise. She is Catholic, so we had a Catholic Mass. I am not Catholic but sang Cantor for Mass. Very interesting. Both the priest and organist sad I made her proud. Father asked me after Mass if that was really the fist time I have ever sung Cantor. He said he had no idea. That made me proud.

Now, what does that have to do with basketball you asked? Well, yesterday we went to watch my niece play in Area State Basketball Tournament. They won!!!! We are now 2 games away from STATE. The boys are only 1 game away. GO LADY BUCS AND BUCS!!!!!!!!!

Here are some pictures that a mother took of Holly:

I really hope her head is ok. At Regionals a girl kicked her multiple times in the head and not a call was made. Coach pulled Holly from that game and wouldn't let her back in. I was glad he did that, concussions scare me.

The teams are the Buccaneers. But look how the boys came dressed for the game:
This is after Deborah made the winning free throw:

The final 2 pics have me in them.

The caption on FaceBook of the last one says: Love this shot...look at Grandma Purdy, Auntie Denise and Momma Shannon! Such great BUC fans!

Will keep you updated after tonight's games. GO BUCS!!!!!!! And as the girls would say DWWD (Do What We Do) and G3 (Give God Glory)!!!!!!!!!

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Carley said...

AW Denise! I am so sorry for your loss! That is always so hard! Wow for you to sing I am not catholic and I am unfamiliar with the song but to sing anything at a funeral is so hard! My baby sis wants me to sing at her wedding and I was like uh yeah right I will be crying like a baby ha ha! So props to you! Are you still taking can tabs? Girl I have a ton you are going to die when you see them all! I love you girl I am praying for you and your family! Tell the girls good luck for me I am sending positive energy your way!